Linda Yetman


My Story

I began my professional career as a diploma-prepared Registered Nurse and have since pursued a variety of academic credentials in nursing and coaching. With experience practicing in five provinces across Canada, I’ve always been dedicated to my profession. I am as enthusiastic about patient and family care as the night I graduated with my Registered Nurse Diploma, in my white uniform and cap with my black band!

My personal journey hasn’t always been easy.

Working with my healthcare colleagues, I’ve helped many patients and families through their experiences of pain, grief, and loss. During those experiences, I’ve also witnessed suffering in colleagues around me. This suffering is, in part, related to the impact of the chaotic clinical environments in which most staff work.

While I believe that nursing is sacred, nursing roles can be difficult. Clinical work is not easy. It often takes its toll on a person professionally and personally. I’ve experienced this impact myself – and I know I’m far from the only one. The problem is, sometimes we’re not even aware of the fact that we’re experiencing distress in our work…that is until we reach our tipping point and say, “That’s it…I’m done!” After a long shift, have you ever wanted to (or actually did!) kiss the dirty elevator door taking you to your locker room in the bowels of the building? Have you thought about changing your name after a shift because if you hear it one more time, you may scream?

In recent years, I have spent a lot of time taking a deep look at what is really happening in today’s clinical environments. And I chose to do something about it. This choice began with a commitment to first care for myself so that I could then care for others. I now know that you can’t do the latter without the former. It is not a perfect situation for me either – life happens to us all; however, change does begin with awareness and knowing where to turn for support and validation.

Why I Started Coaching

I believe that those who provide nursing and healthcare services are in greater need of coping strategies than ever before. Coaching is an art and science that is grounded in a relationship of trust. My coaching practice is the result of my personal and professional experiences. I’ve had a first-hand view of clinical and other health-related work settings and the very evident increase in complexities in these environments. I’ve conducted research on the impact of work environments on those who provide nursing services.  As a result of these research efforts, I have come to believe that we must build our own ability and resiliency to face the challenges we meet and to do the kind of work we initially started out to do!

And that’s why I started coaching: to help others to do more than survive in their work environments.

My coaching services draw from my studies that have included solution-focused, depth and positive psychology, narrative, and health coaching programs. This education has strengthened what has always been a fundamental principle in my nursing practice – that is to help persons with the issue that is most bothersome to them, we must come to understand the person and their story.

If you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, or angry, OR you have become complacent and apathetic about your work and you believe that these feelings are related to work issues, I am committed to collaborating with you to clarify what you need to reach a place of calm amidst the chaos.