The Holistic Nurse: From Exhaustion to Revitalization.

A program designed to help you move …

from feeling

overwhelmed, exhausted and
chronically stressed

to feeling

calm and revitalized

Hi, I’m Linda!


I am a Registered Nurse and Certified Coach Practitioner with over 40 years of experience in the healthcare field. I coach nurses to support them to overcome workplace fatigue and feelings of being overwhelmed by building self-compassionate resilience to stress.

In my program you will learn how to have more energy and vitality in your life, even if you can’t imagine it right now.

Yes, it’s possible!

Don’t spend another day feeling less than amazing.


Are you caught in a workplace cycle of feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and chronically stressed?

If you are interested in getting support, the best way is through coaching that explores what will break this cycle for you. This change must be at an individual level for it to be sustainable. 

People talk about “self-care practices” all the time. These practices are often not sustainable because they come from a cookie-cutter approach. 

You need to find out what self-care means for you and what will work for you.

I work with my clients through deep inquiry and explore how to develop a healthy, sustainable, and resilient lifestyle despite the chaotic work environments in which they work. 

Built on a specific 7-step process I have developed, coaching occurs in several ways, such as using specific assessments, narrative inquiry, dream work interpretation, and transformational processes to support you to learn about the impact of your challenges and identify your strengths to meet those challenges to build a consistent self-care practice.

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What my clients say about our work together

“I couldn’t be more grateful for our time together, the safe space you create, your unwavering support and your mindfulness. It’s all the little thoughtful approaches that you take that makes it possible for me to feel I can push myself in this time of growth in a very vulnerable area of my life’s experience and not block up that throat chakra. So, thank you for your kindness and loving approach.”

 “A note to say a huge thank you for the difference in how I am feeling now compared to when I first reached out to you. I can’t exactly remember what I said in that first email to you, however, I felt filled with guilt, fear & self-doubt. I also remember how I felt after our first call together. I truly felt listened to & that you understood me. Thank you for that.”

Our work together has helped me see that I can get that spark back for nursing. However, more importantly, I have that spark back in my home life. My work was consuming me…my thoughts about work consumed me so much. I couldn’t attend to myself much less anyone else, including my husband.

I have started to make some career decisions. I bet you are not surprised! I feel so good about the next part of my nursing story! I am feeling so much more confident. I am so appreciative of all you have taught me, your support, & most importantly supporting me to believe in myself.”

“I cannot begin to explain how much the whole experience working with you has helped me.  As you know, I have been on this journey for some time now and I have to admit I have had many highs and lows.  I feel I have new tools that I need to help me continue on my spiritual path.  I have a sense of calm, inner peace and strength that I have no doubt you initiated, and for that I thank you!

Linda, you have a special gift, and I am truly honoured that you shared your wisdom, guidance and energy with me.”

“I absolutely loved sharing in this process with Linda!  She is an amazing facilitator, gifted with the ability to “hold the space” as you look inward and reveal wonderful new thoughts, ideas, and revelations.  Holding space is a conscious act of being present, open, allowing and protective of what another needs in each moment.  Linda is the personification of this phrase.  Thoughtful questions and gentle guidance combined with sincere caring, and intuition lead me to new messages and understanding.  I am more confident to take the next step and begin a new chapter.  Thank you, Linda!”